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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

March 30, 2010


Alix, Franklin DeWayne

Last Statement:

Yes I do, I would like to thank my family for their support, love and understanding. I would like to point out some things, I got your letter. It touched me and changed me. What happened was I been wanting to apologize to yall for your son. They told me not to do it in court. I wrote him a letter but they told me that they tore it up in court. I am not the monster they made me out to be. I made lots of mistakes that took your son. I'll take it to the grave, I will be at peace. You have test and drug results to show it. I am not just taking. I messed up, made poor choices. No rapes, I don't do drugs, I am not an alcoholic. Back to my family, Thank yall for being here. It is what it is. I got peace in my heart. Thank you. Bye bye yall. Bye bye peanut.