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State Counsel for Offenders

Employment Opportunities

The State Counsel for Offenders (SCFO) has offices in Huntsville and Austin.

Interested applicants should contact the Human Resources representative at (936) 437‑5203 for information:

State Counsel for Offenders
Administrative Services
PO Box 4005
Huntsville, TX 77342-4005

Applications for attorney positions are accepted year round. Openings for all other positions will be posted as they become available. Open positions will be posted on the website.

Volunteer Internship Program

Internship opportunities are available year round. In SCFO's Volunteer Internship Program, law students or persons interested in a career as a legal assistant, investigator or interpreter work with attorneys and investigators on current cases, visit clients and observe trials and proceedings. Those interested may apply by contacting the SCFO Intern Coordinator at, (936) 437‑5203, or PO Box 4005, Huntsville, Texas 77342-4005 for an application packet or by clicking on the links below. The application packet consists of three (3) documents that must be completed. The first document is the State Counsel for Offenders Volunteer Application and Affidavit. The remaining two documents are generated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Because your internship may require that you accompany attorneys on TDCJ prison units, TDCJ requires completion of their Volunteer Application in order to conduct a criminal background check on you. The Data Use and Non-Disclosure Agreement is also required by TDCJ because you will have access to their computer systems. Law students interested in receiving course credit as a volunteer intern during times other than the summer session should call the Human Resources representative at the above-listed number.


Complete the State Counsel for Offenders Volunteer Application and Affidavit, Volunteer Application, and Data Use and Non-Disclosure Agreement.