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Correctional Institutions Division - Prison / State ISF

Raleigh Breeden
Senior Warden

Baten (NJ)

ACA Accredited Unit Since August 2005


Baten Intermediate Sanction Facility
1995 Helton Road
Pampa, TX 79065

Phone: (806) 665-7070 (**056)

Unit Location: Seven miles east of Pampa on Hwy 60, two miles north on CR 12 in Gray County

Unit Full Name: Baten Intermediate Sanction Facility

Senior Warden: Raleigh Breeden

Regional Director: Lonnie "L.E." Townsend, Region V

Deputy Division Director: Richard Babcock

Date Unit Established or On Line: April 1995

Total Employees: 29

Security Employees: 22

Non-Security Employees: 7

Windham Education Employees: 0

Contract Medical and Mental Health Employees: Medical = 10; Mental Health = 1

Inmate Gender: Male

Capacity: 188

Custody Levels Housed: IS

Approximate Acreage: 1,211 (Co-located) (Additional 632 leased acres)

Agricultural Operations: None

Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: None

Facility Operations: Unit Maintenance

Additional Operations: None

Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical and dental services. Telemedicine Services. Managed by Texas Tech.

Educational Programs: Cognitive Intervention

Additional Programs/Services: None

Community Work Projects: None

Volunteer Initiatives: None