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Changes to Visitation, 02/01/23
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Texas Board of Criminal Justice

Designated Areas of Responsibility

Audit and Review Committee, Hon. Molly Francis

Members: Patrick L. O’Daniel, Dr. Rodney Burrow, and Eric Nichols
Administrative Review and Risk Management, Lead Staff: Marvin Dunbar
Internal Audit Division, Lead Staff: Chris Cirrito
Office of the Inspector General, Lead Staff: Cris Love
Support Staff: Shanna James

Business and Financial Operations Committee, E.F. Mano DeAyala

Members: Patrick L. O’Daniel, Dr. Rodney Burrow, and Sichan Siv
Business and Finance, Lead Staff: Ron Steffa
Facilities Division, Lead Staff: Cody Ginsel
Information Technology Division, Lead Staff: Tina Clark
Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics Division, Lead Staff: Billy Hirsch
Support Staff: Shanna James

Community Corrections Committee, Hon. Faith Johnson

Members: Molly Francis, Larry Miles, and Eric Nichols
Community Justice Assistance Division, Lead Staff: Carey Green
Parole Division, Lead Staff: Rene Hinojosa
Support Staff: Shanna James

Correctional Institutions Committee, Patrick L. O'Daniel

Members: Dr. Rodney Burrow, Molly Francis, Larry Miles, and Sichan Siv
Correctional Institutions Division, Lead Staff: Bobby Lumpkin
Private Facility Contract Monitoring/Oversight Division, Lead Staff: Allison Dunbar
Support Staff: Shanna James

Health Care Committee, Rodney Burrow, M.D.

Members: Patrick L. O’Daniel, Derrelynn Perryman, and E.F. Mano DeAyala
Health Services Division and Correctional Managed Health Care (CMHC) Lead Staff: Lannette Linthicum, MD, CCHP-A, FACP
Support Staff: Shanna James

Human Resources Committee, Sichan Siv

Members: Dr. Rodney Burrow, Derrelynn Perryman, and Sichan Siv
Human Resources Division, Lead Staff: Patty Garcia
Training and Leader Development Division, Lead Staff: David Yebra
Support Staff: Shanna James

Legal Committee, Eric Nichols

Members: Patrick L. O’Daniel, E.F. Mano DeAyala, Molly Francis, and Faith Johnson
Office of the General Counsel, Lead Staff: Kristen Worman
State Counsel for Offenders, Lead Staff: Giustina Persich
Support Staff: Shanna James

Rehabilitation and Reentry Programs Committee, Larry Miles

Members: Derrelynn Perryman, E.F. Mano DeAyala, and Faith Johnson
Rehabilitation Programs Division, Lead Staff: Christopher Carter
Reentry and Integration Division, Lead Staff: April Zamora
Support Staff: Shanna James

Victim Services Committee, Derrelynn Perryman

Members: Faith Johnson, Larry Miles, and Eric Nichols
Victim Services Division, Lead Staff: Angie McCown
Support Staff: Shanna James