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Correctional Officer Pay Increase, Effective April 1, 2022

(Huntsville, Texas) - Beginning April 1, 2022, Correctional Officers, Food Service and Laundry Managers, and Correctional Supervisors at all TDCJ operated units will receive a 15% pay increase.

Correctional staff working at the 23 maximum security units (Allred, Beto, Clements, Coffield, Connally, Ellis, Estelle, Ferguson, Hughes, Lewis, McConnell, Memorial, Michael, Montford, Polunsky, Robertson, Scott, Skyview, Smith, Stiles, Telford, Wainwright, Wynne) will continue to receive a 3% pay differential to be added to the new salary.

This salary increase will enhance both the TDCJ Correctional Officer recruitment and retention efforts aimed at reducing the number of CO vacancies. The approved 15% will be added to all stages of the existing six-step career ladder, benefiting new hires and correctional staff at all experience levels.

“Correctional officer staffing continues to be the agency’s number one priority,” said TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier. “It is a privilege to be able to provide this well-deserved pay increase to the hard-working correctional staff who serve the state of Texas in such a valuable and challenging capacity, and I want to express my gratitude to the state leadership who authorized the agency to increase these salaries.”

The pay raise is effective April 1 and will be reflected in the paychecks Correctional Officers, Food Service and Laundry Managers, and Correctional Supervisors receive on May 1, 2022.

15% CO Pay Increase
Title Months of Service Non-Max Unit Max Unit*
Annual Hourly
Annual Hourly
Correctional Officer II 0-2 $41,674 $20.04 $42,924 $20.64
Correctional Officer II 3-6 $42,890 $20.62 $44,177 $21.24
Correctional Officer III 7-12 $44,048 $21.18 $45,369 $21.81
Correctional Officer IV 13-24 $45,323 $21.79 $46,683 $22.44
Correctional Officer IV 25-36 $46,679 $22.44 $48,079 $23.11
Correctional Officer IV 37-72 $48,035 $23.09 $49,476 $23.79
Correctional Officer V 73+ $51,338 $24.68 $52,879 $25.42

*Includes the 3% maximum security unit pay differential.

Does not include hazardous duty pay.

View Executive Director Bryan Collier’s announcement here.

Individuals interested in a TDCJ career can find more information and apply here.