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Storm Watch

TDCJ resuming normal operations after Hurricane Laura

August 27, 2020 – The Texas Department of Criminal Justice assessment teams are finished assessing facilities in East and Southeast Texas and offenders who had been evacuated are returning to units. Damage assessments are complete, and we are happy to report of the 21 units in the storm area most have reported no damage. There is minimal roof damage at the Gist State Jail in Beaumont and the Goodman Unit in Jasper with repairs underway.

Offenders who had been evacuated are in the process of being returned to units with the exception of the Goodman Unit. The Goodman Unit has no commercial power as of yet and offender transfers back to that unit will not resume until the power is restored. In all there are approximately 3400 offenders who were evacuated from all or parts of five facilities.

COVID Precautions are being taken in all returns. All offenders and staff are using N-95 mask PPE at all times. Buses being used for transportation are being treated with Vital Oxide electrostatic foggers both before and after each transportation run. In addition, mattresses and offender belongings are being treated with the disinfectant system before they are transported to any facility.

TDCJ officials are continuing to operate and emergency hurricane command center in Huntsville.

Families may contact TDCJ’s 24-hour hotline at 844-476-1289 to obtain information about an offender.