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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Volunteer Services Program

2010 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards

Jessica Godinez, "Pathfinder" Award-Victim Services Division

In 2003, Jessica Godinez contacted the TDCJ Victim Services Division and started speaking on victim impact panels. Since then, she has participated in 25 victim impact panels around the San Antonio and Austin, Texas, area. She addresses audiences of adult and juvenile offenders that are on probation and parole, as well as, criminal justice professionals at various conferences and trainings. She became involved in the Bridges to Life program in 2004, and has actively participated in four separate 12-week projects at two prison units, the Ney Unit in Hondo, Texas, and the Kyle Correctional Center in Kyle, Texas. Ms. Godinez, a single-mother with two pre-teen daughters, is willing to take time from work, and use her evenings and weekends, to speak and participate in Victim Services programs. For her time and efforts to make others aware of the impact of crime and how better to assist victims of crime, Jessica Godinez has been selected to receive the honorable "Pathfinder" Award from the Victim Services Division.

The "Pathfinder" Award is given to an individual or group that has demonstrated leadership qualities in their volunteer service and made significant contributions to the welfare of victims.