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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Volunteer Services Program

2010 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards

Calvary Commission, Restorative Justice

2010 Governor's Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award

Calvary Commission, located in Lindale, Texas, is dedicated to the repair and restoration of offenders, their victims, and the community as they work to prepare the offender and society for their reintegration. Calvary Commission was established in 1969, and the ministry has had a very successful and positive impact on offenders. With more than 700 volunteers, they offer discipleship classes, training classes, and family programs such as a Day with Dad, where children spend a day in fellowship and reunion with their incarcerated father. Calvary Commission also operates a residential aftercare program that continues with the discipleship and training program, and offers opportunities for the ex-offender to take the message of hope to others. In addition, Calvary Commission assists the TDCJ chaplains and provides meeting space for the chaplains as needed. The commission also offers a training program for approved volunteers that want to become a certified volunteer chaplains' assistant. For their long time dedication to TDCJ and their commitment to restorative justice, Calvary Commission has been selected to receive the volunteer award for Restorative Justice.