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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Volunteer Services Program

2009 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards

Terrie Reagan, Restorative Justice

2009 Governor's Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award

In 1995, Terrie Reagan was shot three times in a car-jacking attempt in her driveway. One bullet lodged in the base of her skull, another hit her shoulder breaking her collarbone and the third grazed her body. Physically, Terri healed exceptionally well; emotionally it has been a long road to recovery. She has learned that this experience will always be a part of her and she has found a place for it in her life.

Almost immediately following the incident, Terrie began reaching out to others, and has not stopped since. She began by speaking to an Alcoholics Anonymous group in Galveston and has thus far, contributed more than 400 hours and thousands of miles in her quest to help others with restoration to their lives. She has spoken to the Parents of Murdered Children in San Antonio and has participated in several victim impact panels for juveniles and their parents through the Bexar County Courthouse. She has also participated in panels related to Victim Impact training to help others help victims. She has attended victims' symposiums and has spoken to a Restorative Justice class at the University of Texas. Terrie has also participated in 12 Bridges to Life projects to help incarcerated men and women see the victims' side of their crimes.

Terrie's dedication in helping change lives by telling her story and helping others through their tragedies has made an incredible impact to citizens and communities across Texas. For her commitment and dedication to restoring lives, Terrie Reagan has been selected to receive the volunteer award for Restorative Justice.