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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Volunteer Services Program

2009 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards

Travis G. Morris, TDCJ Employee Volunteer

2009 Governor's Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award

As volunteers, TDCJ correctional staff bring a unique dimension to classroom programs for offenders and are able to approach problems they encounter in a manner other volunteers may not understand. They are a great source for caring, rehabilitative-minded instructors.

This describes Sergeant Travis G. Morris of the Gurney Unit. Sergeant Morris established Celebrate Recovery on the unit in 2007 to help offenders deal with addictive behaviors by facing their hurts, habits and hang-ups and learning to overcome them. Celebrate Recovery has a strong Biblical emphasis to spiritual commitment that helps the offenders grow spiritually and emotionally.

Sergeant Morris meets each week with a class of offenders and as an overcomer himself, shares with them how to break the stranglehold of their addiction. The class members have expressed that, through Sergeant Morris' service, they have come to grips with the serious issues they face because of their addictive behaviors.

Because of his generous servitude, Travis G. Morris has been selected to receive the TDCJ Employee Volunteer award.