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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Volunteer Services Program

2008 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards

John Morrison, Restorative Justice

2008 Governor's Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award

John Morrison has been a volunteer at the TDCJ Gib Lewis Unit in Woodville for more than 15 years. He began volunteering at the unit when it opened and has worked tirelessly with an extraordinary initiative. He is the unit's mentor coordinator and for the past ten (10) years has led the Voyager program which helps offenders improve their social skills through a spiritual discipline. John's commitment and passion in the Restorative Justice Ministry propelled him to lead the City of Woodville and the local county to develop a community based Restorative Justice Ministry Family Services Center that provides a service to offenders, offenders' families, TDCJ staff and the community. In addition to the offenders, John has volunteered to help TDCJ correctional officers cope with their own personal crises.

Because of his dedicated volunteer work and his efforts to help prisoners break out of the revolving door of incarceration and take their place as responsible citizens, John Morrison has been selected as the recipient of the Restorative Justice Award.