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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Volunteer Services Program

2008 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards

Leonard Davis, Greatest Number of Hours

2008 Governor's Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award

Leonard Davis has retired twice. First as a Captain with the United States Air Force as a research chemist and secondly as a chemical engineer with Sunoil Company. Leonard has also spent time as a stock broker for E.F. Hutton. He just does not quit. At 77 years old, he volunteers approximately 34 hours a week assisting the Chaplain at the LeBlanc Unit in Beaumont, Texas. He has been a volunteer for TDCJ since September 1994. He is highly respected by both unit staff and the offenders. Leonard's compassion and wisdom make him an extraordinary and indispensable part of the ministry team on the LeBlanc Unit. In 2007, he contributed 1,784 hours helping change the lives of offenders. Because of his dedication and commitment, Leonard Davis has been selected for the very prestigious Greatest Number of Hours Award.