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Victim Services Division

Text Notifications

Questions about texts received regarding an offender’s parole warrant status should be directed to a TDCJ Victim Services Division representative. You may call (800) 848-4284 or (512) 406-5900 Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

A warrant is an order issued by the TDCJ Parole Division authorizing Law Enforcement to detain an offender who is alleged to have committed a new criminal offense, absconded from supervision, or has violated the administrative rules, terms, or conditions of supervision. The warrant will remain active until it is withdrawn or the offender is arrested. You will receive a text if the warrant is withdrawn or the offender is arrested on the warrant.

A warrant is withdrawn when it is determined the offender has not violated the rules, terms or conditions of supervision, or, after staffing with a supervisor, it is determined an alternate course of action will be taken. NOTE: Warrants that are issued due to an alert notification, which is received from the electronic monitoring or global positioning system vendor, may be issued and withdrawn within a short period of time.

At the time of the offender’s arrest, an offender’s case is reviewed to determine if the warrant should be withdrawn or the revocation process initiated. These reviews consider the totality of the circumstances and the merits of the case. The purpose of the revocation process is to determine if there is reason to believe the offender has violated any rules or conditions of supervision. The Board of Pardons and Parole then determines whether to continue the offender’s supervision, with or without any modifications to the conditions or release, or to revoke the offender’s supervision and return the offender to the Correctional Institutions Division. You will be notified if the offender’s parole is revoked.

To verify if the offender is in county custody, you may contact the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) system at (877) 894-8463 or