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State Counsel for Offenders

How TDCJ Offenders Can Get Help

Offenders wanting help with a legal problems should first see their unit law librarian for assistance and read the SCFO Legal Handbook. If they determine that the problem cannot be solved at the unit law library level, they should send an I-60 or letter by truck mail to the SCFO Section that would help with the legal problem - i.e., Criminal Defense, Civil Defense, Appellate, or Legal Services. Mail may take longer to be processed if not properly addressed.

Legal Handbook 12th Revised Edition

Offenders must contact SCFO directly - the request for help cannot come from friends or family members.

The offender's NAME and TDCJ ID # must be printed on the request or we will not be able to help you (since we will not know who you are)!

Important! An offender who has been served legal papers or has received them in the mail should immediately send the legal papers to SCFO along with his or her request.