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State Counsel for Offenders

Appellate Section

Civil Commitment Appeals

Attorneys in this section review the court records and transcripts of SVP civil commitment trials to determine whether the trial court committed reversible error. Under appropriate circumstances, attorneys may file post-trial motions and appellate briefs on behalf of those indigent persons civilly committed under the SVP Act.

Criminal Appeals

Attorneys in this section will represent offenders in the appeal of criminal convictions arising from cases that were handled by the Criminal Defense section. An experienced appellate attorney will prepare the appeal, including identifying appellate issues, preparing legal briefs, and presenting oral argument before appellate courts.

Post-conviction Writs

Sometimes errors of a constitutional dimension are made in an offender's criminal conviction. The attorney will research the case to determine whether there are valid, provable legal reasons to file an application for a writ of habeas corpus to set aside or modify the conviction or sentence.