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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Sex Offender Rehabilitation Programs

To enhance public safety by providing sex offender evaluation, education, and treatment.


Sex Offender Civil Commitment Treatment Program (SOTP-CC) is designed to accommodate civilly committed sexually violent predators within 18 months of release. Also, based on the cognitive-behavioral treatment model, individualized treatment planning utilizes need-specific rehabilitative interventions designed to limit the offender’s risk to re-offend and enhances public safety by providing for a seamless transition from the TDCJ to the Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO) in promoting a continuity of care.

Sex Offender Education Program (SOEP) consists of a four-month curriculum to assist sex offenders determined to pose a lower re-offense risk or who may be releasing to an extended period of supervision during which they may participate in treatment. This curriculum is conducted in a didactic format, providing information on a variety of topics (e.g., Healthy Sexuality, Anger and Stress Management, Interpersonal Relationships, Cognitive Restructuring) and is intended to provide the information necessary to impact offenders lacking knowledge to effect change in their patterns of thinking.

Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) consists of an eighteen-month intensive treatment program in a therapeutic community environment that allow offenders immediate feedback about their behavior and treatment progress (SOTP-18) and a nine-month moderate intensity program to assist sex offenders determined to pose a higher and more moderate re-offense risk respectively (SOTP-9). The programs involve three treatment phases employing a cognitive-behavioral model. The primary goal of the programs is to reduce the rate of re-offense and move the participants toward a more pro-social lifestyle.

Program Objectives

  • To reduce the potential for further deviant behavior
  • To offer a comprehensive treatment program that addresses motivation, psychosocial education, psychological evaluation, and sex offender treatment and relapse prevention training for the population of sex offenders residing in TDCJ
  • To provide a highly structured but individually focused treatment plan for each participant in the SOTP based on the identified needs of each offender
  • To identify and target for change the cognitive and behavioral patterns which have resulted in sexual offending
  • To encourage each participant to accept responsibility for all of their deviant offenses and demonstrate empathy for the victims of their offense
  • To carefully monitor and record the progress of each individual through the various phases of the program
  • To provide for a continuum of care that reaches across all phases of the SOTP and continues in the community after the offender is released from TDCJ


It is the policy of the SORP to provide meaningful sex offender evaluation, education, and treatment to all incarcerated sex offenders, in Texas Department of Criminal Justice, who are program eligible.


Jennifer Deyne - Deputy Director of Sex Offender Programs
TDCJ - Rehabilitation Programs Division
PO Box 99
Huntsville, TX 77342
Phone: (936) 437-2882
Fax: (936) 437-7326