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Getting Mobile

A mentor is a coach;
Not a parole officer.

Your mentee will need a driver’s license as soon as possible after release. The following things are required:

  • An insurance card (policy in force for at least two years)
  • No outstanding traffic tickets
  • No outstanding warrants
  • No unpaid child support
  • Three forms of identification (3 of the following):
    Birth Certificate - Certified Copy
    Original or certified Marriage License or Divorce Decree
    Social Security Card
    Green Card
    Insurance policy (at least two years old)
    TDCJ Offender identification card
    If born prior to 1961, an original or certified copy of Form DD-214 (military discharge document)

    You may get more information at this link:

You and your mentee can become discouraged very quickly by the Catch 22 nature of this list. Your job is to get your mentee to contact the prosecutors involved to attempt some sort of accommodation so they can get a license.

You may have to arrange transportation to work for your mentee until they can save enough money to get insurance.

It takes a minimum of three weeks to get a state ID card and a social security card. Both are essential for employment and should be sought immediately after release.

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