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Keys to Success

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Keys to Success

It is imperative you understand your role as a volunteer. Your role is different than the role of staff. Remember you are a guest on the unit.

Maintain a professional relationship with offenders and don’t reveal confidential information to unauthorized persons.

Don’t get overly involved or over identify with an offender. Don’t fall in love with an offender. You endanger yourself and counter the rehabilitative work of TDCJ when you start taking the offender’s side against staff.

Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Offenders will use your emotions to get you to break rules and then will manipulate you to get them special privileges.

Don’t give legal advice. This should be obvious if you are not a lawyer and is unprofessional if you are.

Follow instructions and don’t argue with staff. You can always ask questions later.

One of your class participants has been removed from your class because of a disciplinary. You feel that he had been making improvements in his attitude. You are disappointed.

What is the best course of action.
Choice 1 Demand to see the warden to argue for the offenders participation.
Choice 2 Continue the program and see if you can get any information from the other participants.
Choice 3 Accept that things happen and conduct your program with the offenders that do arrive.

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