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Defense for Manipulation

Dangerous Attitudes 1

Dangerous Attitudes 2


Keys to Success

TDCJ Policy


More Danger Signs

Additional warning signs that should cause you to review your attitudes and your actions.

  • You get caught up in the “We/They” syndrome
  • You will get tested and fail to report “minor” incidences
  • You try to help a friend or a church member who has a family member in prison by violating policy instead of following policy
  • You say, “I don’t agree with that policy. It is all right if I violate it
  • You put money in an offender’s account
  • You “fall in love” with an offender
A long time friend and member of your Sunday school class informs you that his son is in the unit where you volunteer. He asks you to carry a letter to his son the next time you visit.

You tell him that you are unable to do this.

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