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Office of the Inspector General

About the Office of the Inspector General

Cris Love, Inspector General, Office of Inspector General
Cris Love
Inspector General

The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to ensure coordination and effective communication between the Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ), executive management, and the primary investigative functions for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) as well as monitor and report overall compliance with the regulations and policies of the TDCJ and the laws of the State of Texas to the TBCJ. Additionally, the OIG oversees investigations of waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars in the agency; participates in joint Homeland Defense initiatives with the Governor's office and the FBI.


Office of Inspector General
PO Box 13084, Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711
Telephone: (512) 671-2480 or (936) 437-5103
Fax: (512) 671-2129
For Complaints: Toll Free (833) 296-9818

Public Information Requests:

OIG Public Information Requests
4616 W. Howard Lane, Suite 250
Austin, TX 78728
Fax: (512) 671-2118

Philosophy Statement

OIG will be responsive to the needs of the TDCJ, the TBCJ, governmental agencies, and the people of Texas, by demonstrating a willingness and ability to impartially investigate administrative and criminal complaints, while protecting the rights of all concerned. The OIG will be honest, ethical, and accountable at all times while emphasizing effective communications, timeliness, planning, coordination and teamwork.


Reporting directly to the Board, the OIG oversees the agency's Investigations Department, and the OIG Administrative Support and Programs Department.

The OIG investigates to ensure enforcement of various laws and regulations, as well as, monitors investigative and audit techniques, and regulations in order to make recommendations of appropriate action to the TBCJ. All other legitimate matters are also investigated as requested or directed by the Board or by the laws of the State of Texas. Additionally, the OIG oversees investigators assigned to violent crime/fugitive task forces located in Texas' largest metropolitan cities. These task forces are comprised of investigators from local, state and federal agencies who locate and apprehend violent parole violators, as well as, assist in the investigation of TDCJ escapees. The OIG also supervises a task force dedicated to conduct organized crime investigations of prison gangs throughout the state, in conjunction with federal law enforcement located in Texas' metropolitan areas.

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