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Welcome to the TDCJ Wellness Initiative Now

Wellness Initiative Now is the wellness program for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It was implemented to promote personal well-being, fitness, and nutrition for all TDCJ employees.

Employees are granted eight hours of administrative leave, for one annual yearly physical.


August is National Immunization Awareness Month

According to the website,, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, if you vaccinate your children according to the recommended schedule, it will protect them against 14 serious diseases by age two.

Vaccines reduce the risk of infections by working with our body’s natural defenses to help them safely develop immunity to diseases through cells developed by the body to specifically fight illnesses called “antibodies”.  When viruses or bacteria enter the body they multiply and attack which is what causes an illness.  Once the body fights off the infection, it ends up with a supply of antibodies that recognizes and fights the disease in the future.  

After getting a vaccine, you may feel sick because the vaccine is imitating an infection and your body is fighting it by creating antibodies to build an immunity.  You may experience symptoms, such as body ache and fever, during this time.

Currently, the United States has the safest vaccine supply in its history.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the one who ensures the safety, effectiveness, and availability of vaccines in the United States.  Before the vaccines are released to the public, highly trained FDA scientists and healthcare specialists evaluate results of studies on the safety and effectiveness of each vaccine.  Vaccination is an important part of keeping you and your family healthy and protected from potentially serious diseases.

Physical Activity Guidelines

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released new physical activity guidelines for Americans.

Commit for Life

The Human Resources Division receives a "Path for Success" award from the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

Balancing Work and Family

Page updated: 08/23/2019