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EEO Job Categories

State Agency Administration

Assistant Warden, Attorney IV, Attorney V, Auditor IV, Auditor V, Board of Pardons and Paroles - Chairman, Chief Inspector - OIG, Correctional Physician, Deputy Director III, Director I, Director II, Director III, Director IV, Director V, Director VI, Director VII, Exec Director - TDCJ, General Counsel I, General Counsel II, General Counsel III, General Counsel IV, General Counsel V, Governmental Relations Specialist I, Internal Auditor I, Internal Auditor II, Internal Auditor IV, Internal Auditor V, Major of Correctional Officers, Manager I, Manager II, Manager III, Manager IV, Manager V, Manager VI, Manager VII, Ombudsman IV, Parole Board Member, Physician III, Program Specialist V, Program Supervisor IV, Program Supervisor V, Program Supervisor VI, Program Supervisor VII, Programmer IV, Programmer V, Project Manager I, Project Manager II, Project Manager III, Project Manager IV, Regional Manager - OIG, Warden I, Warden II


Accountant I, Accountant II, Accountant III, Accountant IV, Accountant V, Accountant VI, Accounting Technician II, Aircraft Pilot I, Aircraft Pilot II, Architect III, Attorney I, Attorney II, Attorney III, Auditor II, Auditor III, Budget Analyst I, Budget Analyst II, Budget Analyst III, Budget Analyst IV, Business Continuity Coordinator II, Captain of Correctional Officers, Case Manager II, Case Manager III, Case Manager IV, Chaplain I, Chaplain II, Chaplain III, Chemist I, Chemist II, Chief Information Security Officer, Compliance Analyst I, Compliance Analyst III, Contract Specialist II, Contract Specialist III, Contract Specialist IV, Crime Analyst I, Crime Analyst II, Data Analyst I, Data Analyst III, Data Analyst IV, Data Analyst V, Data Analyst VI, Data Officer, Database Administrator I, Database Administrator II, Database Administrator III, Dentist II, E-Learning Developer II, E-Learning Developer III, Emergency Management Program Coordinator I, Engineer IV, Engineer V, Engineer VI, Engineering Specialist III, Environmental Protection Specialist II, Environmental Protection Specialist III, Environmental Protection Specialist IV, Health Specialist I, Health Specialist II, Health Specialist III, Health Specialist IV, Health Specialist V, Human Res Specialist I, Human Res Specialist II, Human Res Specialist III, Human Res Specialist IV, Human Res Specialist V, Human Services Specialist V, Human Services Specialist VII, Information Security Analyst I, Information Security Analyst II, Information Security Analyst III, Information Technology Business Analyst I, Information Technology Business Analyst II, Information Technology Business Analyst III, Information Technology Business Analyst IV, Inspector IV, Inspector V, Internal Auditor I, Internal Auditor II, Internal Auditor III, Internal Auditor IV, Internal Auditor V, Interpreter II, Investigator II, Investigator III, Investigator IV, Investigator V, Investigator VI, Law Clerk, Legal Assistant III, Legal Assistant IV, Legal Assistant V, Librarian II, Librarian III, Librarian IV, Lieutenant of Correctional Officers, Management Analyst II, Management Analyst III, Management Analyst IV, Marketing Specialist II, Network Specialist IV, Network Specialist V, Network Specialist VI, Nurse I, Nurse III, Nurse IV, Ombudsman III, Parole Officer I, Parole Officer II, Parole Officer III, Parole Officer IV, Parole Officer V, Payroll Specialist I, Payroll Specialist II, Payroll Specialist III, Payroll Specialist IV, Payroll Specialist V, Physician II, Planner I, Planner II, Planner III, Planner IV, Program Specialist I, Program Specialist II, Program Specialist III, Program Specialist IV, Program Specialist VI, Program Specialist VII, Program Supervisor I, Program Supervisor II, Program Supervisor III, Purchaser I, Purchaser II, Purchaser III, Purchaser IV, Purchaser V, Regional Supervisor -OIG, Research Specialist I, Research Specialist II, Research Specialist III, Research Specialist IV, Research Specialist V, Staff Services Off I, Staff Services Off III, Staff Services Off V, Statistician II, Statistician IV, Systems Administrator I, Systems Administrator II, Systems Administrator III, Systems Administrator IV, Systems Administrator V, Systems Administrator VI, Systems Analyst I, Systems Analyst II, Systems Analyst III, Systems Analyst IV, Systems Analyst V, Systems Analyst VI, Systems Analyst VII, Technical Writer I, Technical Writer II, Technical Writer III, Telecommunications Specialist I, Telecommunication Specialist II, Telecommunication Specialist III, Telecommunication Specialist IV, Training and Development Specialist II, Training and Development Specialist III, Training and Development Specialist IV, Training and Development Specialist V, Training and Development Specialist VI, Web Administrator I, Web Administrator II, Web Administrator III, Web Administrator IV


Creative Media Designer II, Document Services Technician I, Document Services Technician II, Document Services Technician III, Drafting Technician I, Drafting Technician II, Equipment Maintenance Technician II, Information Specialist II, Information Specialist III, Information Specialist IV, Licensed Vocational Nurse II, Licensed Vocational Nurse III, Multimedia Technician I, Multimedia Technician III, Network Specialist I, Network Specialist II, Network Specialist III, Photographer I, Programmer I, Programmer II, Programmer III,  Public Health and Prevention Specialist I, Research and Statistics Technician I

Protective Services

Correctional Officer II, Correctional Officer III, Correctional Officer IV, Correctional Officer V, Investigator I, Trainee – OIG, Investigator II – OIG, Investigator III – OIG, Investigator IV – OIG, Safety Officer I, Safety Officer II, Safety Officer III, Sergeant of Correctional Officers


Accounting Technician I, Administrative Assistant III, Administrative Assistant IV, Administrative Assistant V, Certified Peer Support Specialist III, Chaplaincy Services Assistant, Counsel Substitute I, Counsel Substitute II, Counsel Substitute III, Customer Service Representative III, Customer Service Representative IV, Executive Assistant I, Executive Assistant II, Executive Assistant III, Human Resources Assistant, Inventory and Store Specialist I, Inventory and Store Specialist II, Inventory and Store Specialist III, Inventory and Store Specialist IV, Inventory and Store Specialist V, Legal Assistant I, Legal Assistant II, Library III, Ombudsman I, Ombudsman II, Payroll Assistant, Property Manager I, Property Manager II, Property Manager III, Substance Abuse Counselor I, Substance Abuse Counselor II, Substance Abuse Counselor III, Systems Support Specialist IV, Training and Development Specialist I,

Administrative Support

Administrative Assistant I, Administrative Assistant II, Clerk II, Clerk III, Legal Secretary II, Systems Support Specialist I, Systems Support Specialist II, Systems Support Specialist III

Skilled Craft

Agriculture Specialist I, Agriculture Specialist II, Agriculture Specialist III, Agriculture Specialist IV, Agriculture Specialist V, Industrial Specialist I, Industrial Specialist II, Industrial Specialist III, Industrial Specialist IV, Industrial Specialist V, Machinist II, Maintenance Specialist V, Maintenance Supervisor I, Maintenance Supervisor II, Maintenance Supervisor III, Maintenance Supervisor IV, Motor Vehicle Technician IV, Motor Vehicle Technician V,

Service & Maintenance

Custodian II, Custodian III, Equipment Operator I, Equipment Operator III, Food Services Manager II, Food Services Manager III, Food Services Manager IV, Laundry Manager II, Laundry Manager III, Laundry Manager IV

Page updated: 10/24/2022