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Sample Correctional Officer Pre-Employment Test Questions

Reading Comprehension/Deductive Reasoning

Instructions: Read the following definitions, then answer the two (2) multiple-choice questions.


“Necessity/Clothing Items” include linens (sheets; pillowcase; blanket; towels) and clothing (undergarments; gym shorts; T-shirts; socks; pants; jacket; raingear; shoes or boots).

“Contraband” includes altered, out-of-place, or excesses of authorized property; and any item which an offender is prohibited to possess or obtain while in custody, unless received by the offender as the result of a State or Federal court order or legitimately through the litigation process. Two sub-groups of contraband are:

(1) Dangerous – Represents a threat to the security and safety of the unit, possession of which violates Agency rules, or State or Federal law. Includes, but is not limited to: items related to security threat groups; weapons; intoxicants; currency or negotiable instruments; tobacco products; tools; ammunition; explosives; combustible or flammable items; altered, damaged, or repaired internal components or electrical cords of electrical equipment; cell phones; controlled substances; and authorized medicine, if not used in the manner prescribed.

(2) Non-Dangerous – Represents a threat to management of the unit, possession of which violates Agency rules. Includes, but is not limited to: authorized property which has been altered, damaged, is in excess of allowable amounts, or is out of place (i.e., a razor at recreation, magazine in the dining hall); any item not authorized for the offender to possess; and any item made from State property without authorization.

9. Which of the following would not be dangerous contraband?

a. Skoal

b. Cigarette lighter

c. Roll of quarters

d. Two towels

e. None of the above


10. Which of the following would be non-dangerous contraband?

a. Intoxicants

b. Currency

c. A razor at recreation

d. Cigarettes

e. All of the above


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