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College-Sponsored Training Program

Graduates of the Correctional Officer training programs are not guaranteed employment!

In addition to the regular applicant procedure, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has also established a contract agreement with several colleges to provide Correctional Officer Training. Although applicants initially pay for the training, these College-sponsored Training Academies, located throughout the State, provide individuals the opportunity to attend training in their local areas. To enroll in the College-sponsored Training Program, contact one of the colleges listed herein and follow their enrollment procedures. Most college procedures are as follows:

  1. An individual picks up an application at one of the participating colleges, completes it, and submits it to the college.

  2. The college sets a date for TDCJ screening at the college.

  3. A TDCJ representative administers a pre-employment test and interviews applicants at the college.

  4. Within several working days, TDCJ notifies colleges of those applicants who are tentatively acceptable for hire pending completion of a background check.

  5. Selected applicants pay tuition and are trained by the college with no guarantee of employment by TDCJ. Tuition may vary from college to college and is not reimbursed by TDCJ.

  6. Applicants who successfully complete training and are selected for hire will receive a letter from TDCJ requesting them to report to a regional in-processing center. Applicants become employees on the designated date and will report to their unit of assignment the following day.

College-Sponsored Training Program Salary
Effective February 1, 2018

Full-time College Program Correctional Officer Salary
Title *Monthly Salary Months of
CO III $3,019.84 0 to 14
CO III $3,191.86 15 to 30
CO IV $3,284.27 31 to 42
CO IV $3,378.87 43 to 54
CO IV $3,480.77 55 to 90
CO V $3,587.45 91+

*Salary rates may differ for return-to-work retirees who are not ERS contributors.

Page updated: 02/02/2018