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ALERT: Escape
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Executive Administrative Services

Research and Development Department

Andrew Barbee, Director
Andrew Barbee

To assist TDCJ staff and the Board of Criminal Justice in fulfilling their missions, goals, and objectives. Research and Development serves to provide insightful analysis and evaluations of TDCJ operations.


Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Research and Development Department
PO Box 13084 - Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711-3084
Phone: (512) 463-7803
Fax: (512) 936-2169

What We Do

The Research and Development Department conducts analysis and performs evaluations of system operations. Research and Development also stays current on proven and promising practices in criminal justice and brings new perspectives from across the criminal justice field to the leadership at TDCJ.

Coordination of research is another function performed by Research and Development. The department coordinates research conducted by individuals and organizations external to the TDCJ or by employees seeking individual benefit, such as a thesis, dissertation, or other publication.

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