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Correctional Institutions Division

Office for Disciplinary Coordination

The mission of the Office for Disciplinary Coordination is to monitor and maintain offender disciplinary policies and procedures, ensure staff receive information as needed, and respond to inquiries from individuals regarding offender discipline. This office promotes excellence in the disciplinary process by objectively monitoring facility compliance with policies and procedures, and maintaining current disciplinary policies and procedures with the goal of standardizing this process to the maximum extent possible. The offender disciplinary process is a management tool that helps fulfill the agency's goals of promoting positive change in offender behavior, and providing public safety. This office oversees the administration of the offender disciplinary process.


The Office for Disciplinary Coordination oversees and monitors facility compliance with disciplinary rules and procedures by conducting division-level unit operational reviews. This office also produces management statistical reports each month, coordinates the revisions to disciplinary rules and procedures and updates and coordinates the printing of the GR-106, Disciplinary Rules and Procedures for Offenders, the Offender Disciplinary Rules Handbook and the GR-107, Standard Offense Pleadings Handbook. In addition, this department oversees the Office of Spanish Language Coordination. The Office of Spanish Language Coordination manages the Spanish language assistance service, and is responsible for coordinating and processing the testing of employees to determine their proficiency in speaking Spanish. Based on test results, qualified Spanish language interpreters are designated. This office is also responsible for conducting division-level unit operational reviews of Spanish language assistance service, and providing written translations in Spanish for agency policies, rules, and procedures, to include private facilities.


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Correctional Institutions Division
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