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Escapee Apprehended
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Correctional Institutions Division

Classification and Records

Pen Packet Document Checklist

The Pen Packet Document Checklist is required by Article 42.09, Section 8, of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure with each set of pen packets received for a defendant. The Document Checklist is a streamlined, single document that is amenable to use for prison sentenced, State Jail, or Substance Abuse defendants. Detailed guidelines for completion of the form have been created and made available for your convenience.

In addition to the Document Checklist, Article 42.09, Section 8, requires that all counties submit a judgment completed on a standardized felony judgment form for each commitment. These forms are available through the Office of Court Administration website through the link provided below.

The Classification and Records Department is committed to making reception of inmates from your county as easy as possible within the guidelines of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures. The following links should assist in that endeavor.

The checklist is available for download as a PDF document. The PDF document is an interactive form that can be filled in and printed via your computer.

Pen Packet Document Checklist (PDF)

Guidelines for completion of the Pen Packet Document Checklist (PDF)

Bench Warrant Return Checklist

Due to the significant risk of inmates being released inappropriately when the TDCJ Classification and Records Office does not receive all new conviction paperwork generated during the bench warrant before the inmate returns to our custody, all bench warrant returns with new felony convictions or charges must be scheduled for return through our admissions department.

Counties must submit the attached Bench Warrant Return Checklist accompanied by a completed Pen Packet Document Checklist and all required documents. Upon receipt of these completed forms and documents, admissions will schedule the inmate’s return.

The TDCJ will continue to accept an inmate’s return from bench warrant before midnight on the same day custody was transferred, if the inmate is not returning with new felony convictions or charges. Inmates who are eligible to return the same day must have a completed Bench Warrant Return Checklist.

No inmate will be accepted without this completed form.

Bench Warrant Return Checklist (PDF)

Additional forms are:

Office of Court Administration standardized felony judgment forms