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Escapee Apprehended
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Correctional Institutions Division

Classification and Records

Jail Conduct Report

The Jail Conduct Report, as mandated by Article 42.03, CCP, is a report prepared by the sheriff that describes the defendant's behavior while housed in jail. For prison-sentenced inmates, the report should be sent to the State Ready Section with the document checklist and pen packet information. If the inmate’s conduct changes from the time the checklist is sent in and the transport date, then a new report should be sent with the inmate. For State Jail inmates and SAFPF clients, the report should be brought with the inmate to the intake site upon reception.

Authorization to Transfer Form

The Authorization of Transfer form is to be utilized by court officials in the event that a defendant's case is on appeal, the sentence is 10 years or less, and the defendant requests to be transferred to the TDCJ prior to the outcome of the appeal. The completed form should be sent to:

Classification and Records Department
State Ready Section
PO Box 99
Huntsville, TX 77342-0099

The form is available as a PDF document. The PDF version is an interactive form that can be filled in and printed via your computer. In addition, the PDF version of the form is accessible in that it may be filled in with assistive technology in forms mode and printed.