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Administrative Review & Risk Management Division

Monitoring & Standards

The mission of the Monitoring and Standards Department is to monitor TDCJ facilities to ensure that operations are in accordance with agency policies and procedures, court orders, and nationally accepted standards established by the American Correctional Association.

A balance of internal and external oversight, the Monitoring and Standards Department is comprised of two complementary programs – Operational Review and ACA Accreditation.

American Correctional Association (ACA) Accreditation

In August 2014, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) was presented the ACA highest honor at the 144th Congress of Correction Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each year, the ACA awards the prestigious Golden Eagle Award to criminal justice agencies that have achieved accreditation of all facilities and departments under its jurisdiction.

ACA audits provide a three-year cycle of external auditing, an independent assessment of agency achievement of prison industry standards and federally mandated accreditation of correctional health care.

  • Re-Accreditation – The three-year period during which the agency maintains and improves upon its compliance levels that were achieved at the time of the initial accreditation award.

  • Units are responsible for maintenance of the ACA folders documenting policies, procedures, and practices.

  • Regional Monitoring and Standards Coordinators and Central Office staff assist TDCJ units during the re-accreditation process. Technical guidance and support are provided to ensure compliance with agency policy, procedure, and applicable ACA standards.

  • Central Office Review and Standards staff assist the Parole Division, the Manufacturing and Logistics Division, and the Correctional Training Department during the re-accreditation process. Central Office Review and Standards staff are also responsible for maintenance of the ACA folders documenting policies, procedures, and practices for Central Administration Standards.

  • Central Office Review and Standards staff network with the national organization in scheduling and facilitating audits, and represents the agency at ACA Board of Commissioners hearings.

Operational Review

The Operational Review Program provides agency managers with performance indicators of unit and departmental operational effectiveness.

Unit Level Operational Review – At state-operated correctional units, a sergeant of correctional officers conducts one review every six months in each functional area or department according to a unit level review schedule.

Division Level Operational Review – At both state and privately operated units, functional area proponents from either divisional or regional headquarter locations; conduct a review once every three years.

Division Level Follow Up Review – Follow-up reviews are conducted to ensure acceptable performance measures have been achieved.

Central Office Monitoring and Standards staff not only serve as a functional area proponent for several areas that are included in the monitoring process; but also provide training and technical assistance to unit and division staff, as well as coordinate the unit- and division-level reporting processes. Regional Monitoring and Standards Coordinators, located in each CID regional director’s office, provide support to the units and facilitate compliance with standards covering more than 30 functional areas.

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Monitoring and Standards
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