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Interactive Ethics Training

Feedback Questionnaire


Your comments, both positive and negative, will be used only for statistical and historical purposes, and for the improvement of this training. This form will not be assigned to your personnel file. Once again, thank you so much for your time and cooperation.

Question 1

Does the Ethics Policy apply to only Correctional Staff?

Question 2

Behaving ethically, means only requiring an employee to follow the guidelines set forth in the Ethics Policy.

Question 3

Which is not a topic discussed in the Ethics Policy: a) Acceptance of Benefits; b) Religious Expression; c) Abuse of Office; or d) Revolving Door Prohibitions?

Question 4

Should an employee who negotiates and signs contracts with outside vendors accept an invitation to a social function or entertainment offered as a result of that business relationship?

Question 5

The Advisory Council on Ethics recommends that all such gifts, unrelated to work that even may be out of generosity, be refused.

Question 6

An employee cannot engage in __________, that is, the granting or withholding of conditions of perquisites of employment based on excessive reliance on personal relationships as a basis for decisions or actions in the work environment. a) nepotism; b) favoritism; c) cronyism; or d) all of the above

Question 7

Is it okay if an employee while at work during his lunch hour types a report on his office computer for his part-time landscaping job?

Question 8

An employee is violating policy when she passes out an AVON catalog to fellow co-workers during regular working hours.

Question 9

Outside employment is a conflict of interest: a) if it requires the employee to disclose confidential information acquired from employment with the agency; b) if it impairs an employee’s independence of judgement for agency duties; c) if it was received based on agency powers or duties in favor of the other; d) all of the above.

Question 10

An employee has taken a part-time job at a mall for the Holidays. Can the employee use personal time to take off on Fridays for this other job since it will only last a month and he or she has lots of accrued time?

Question 11

An employee wants to apply for a weekend job at a local retail store stocking merchandise. This employee does not have to receive prior approval for this specific job.

Question 12

An employee's ____________ or cycle _________be changed to accommodate__________. a) job duties/can/outside employment b) work hours/will not/outside employment c) schedule/will/the hours of the other job d) responsibilities/should/the conflicting job.

Question 13

TDCJ encourage employees to exercise their full panoply of rights and civic responsibilities within the political process.

Question 14

An employee is permitted to vote for candidates but not allowed to volunteer in candidate support activity.

Question 15

Policy prohibits an employee from a) running for elective office; b) participating in an organization's promoting of various political ideologies; c) wearing political buttons while on state property; or d) conducting non-issue based voter registration drives.

Question 16

According to PD-23 Employee Political Activity, can an employee have a political bumper sticker affixed to their personal vehicle?

Question 17

TDCJ employees are prevented from serving as members of school districts with no exceptions.

Question 18

Employees running for any office a) cannot place campaign materials on employee bulletin boards; b) cannot urge, coerce, or ask co-employees to vote for them; c) can place campaign materials on bulletin boards and ask employees to vote for them; d) Both "a" and "b".

How did you view the material that was presented?

Compare this training to a class setting with an instructor.

Describe how it was to navigate through this training.

Did you learn from this, finding it beneficial and interesting?

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Let us know how we can improve this training.

If you are currently a TDCJ employee, please complete the following questions so that we can mail a certificate of completion. Non-TDCJ employees will not receive a certificate; therefore, the information below is optional.


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