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Scenes from a sad day

collage of pictures from funeral for fallen correctional officer, Susan Canfield
Photos by David Nunnelee
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Scenes from CJAD Skills Conference

Gracie Alanis holding award with Bonita White and Estella Guillen standing beside her
Centered is Gracie Alanis of Cameron County Community Supervision and Corrections Department with the TDCJ-CJAD Friend of Training Section award. On the right is Bonita White, TDCJ-CJAD division director. On the left is Estella Guillen, TDCJ-CJAD director of Training and Staff Development.

Photos by Jene Robbins

Felipe Luciano speaking in front of audience
Felipe Luciano, a former parolee active in the New York community and media, spoke about the correlation between a community supervision officer’s investment and the client’s ultimate success.
Nancy Ulrich looks at audience members as she speaks
Nancy Ulrich, training specialist for the Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, addressed how to best understand what motivates an individual.

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