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Saluting Employees

Brian Lacour

New Human Resources region created to better serve Region VI employees


Service Awards


New Human Resources region created to better serve Region VI employees

To better serve the employees in Human Resources Region VI, the region will be converted into two HR regions effective on April 1. We believe this change will enhance the support that Human Resources staff provides to the employees they serve.

The following 16 units and the CID Region VI administrative office will remain in HR Region VI:
  • Gatesville Unit

  • Mountain View Unit

  • Halbert Unit

  • Murray Unit

  • Hamilton Unit

  • Pack Unit

  • Havins Unit

  • Robertson Unit

  • Hilltop Unit
  • Sayle Unit

  • Hobby Unit

  • Travis Co. State Jail

  • Hughes Unit

  • Woodman Unit

  • Luther Unit

  • Region VI Administration

  • Middleton Unit
The new HR Region VII will include all Parole locations and Austin administrative offices. The following locations will be moved to the new HR Region VII:
  • Angleton IPO

  • Internal Audit

  • Austin Area HR/
    Austin II

  • Interstate Compact

  • Austin Central
    Coordination Unit

  • Media Services

  • Austin Hearing
    Executive Clemency

  • Midland Parole Office

  • Austin Review and
    Release Processing

  • Palestine IPO

  • Austin Warrants

  • Parole Division Administration

  • CJAD

  • Parole Officer
    Training Academy
  • Dallas Parole Office

  • Research, Evaluation,
    and Development

  • Ft. Worth Parole

  • San Antonio
    Parole Office

  • Executive Director’s
    Austin Office


  • Gatesville IPO

  • Tyler Parole

  • Houston Parole

  • Victim Services

  • Huntsville IPO

  • Region VII

  • Austin Information

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