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Every step counts on the way to walking success

Every step counts on the way to walking success

Add a pedometer to your walking routine to change things up a bit. A pedometer is a small digital device that measures the number of footsteps you take. According to Robert Segwall, author of Pedometer Walking: A New Look at Walking, Longevity, Weight Management, and Active Living, “a good pedometer is so sensitive to your body motion, it actually hears and feels each of your footsteps and records it instantly on its own internal counting system.”

Use a measuring tape to find the distance between the heel strike of your left footprint and that of the right footprint. Calibrate that measurement into your pedometer and the device will accurately measure the distance you walk.

With a pedometer attached, you may now strive to walk at least 10,000 steps a day to a healthier you!

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