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January/February 2010

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Michael Upshaw

Director, Correctional Training and Staff Development Region I Director

Teresa Moya

Senior Warden, Middleton Transfer Facility Senior Warden, Crain Unit

Eric Guerrero

Senior Warden, Glossbrenner SAFPF Senior Warden, Segovia Unit/Lopez State Jail

Michael Roesler

Assistant Warden, Lewis Unit Senior Warden, Glossbrenner SAFPF
Jeffrey Catoe Major, Beto Unit Assistant Warden, Telford Unit
Ronald Givens Major, Connally Unit Assistant Warden, Lychner State Jail
Karen Woody Major, Woodman State Jail Assistant Warden, Woodman State Jail
David Sweetin Senior Warden, Eastham Unit Senior Warden, Estelle Unit
Michael Sizemore Senior Warden, Powledge Unit Senior Warden, Eastham Unit
Richard Thomas Senior Warden, Sayle SAFPF Senior Warden, Middleton Transfer Facility
Samuel Seale Assistant Warden, Dominguez State Jail Senior Warden, Sayle SAFPF
Aurelio Ambriz Major, McConnell Unit Assistant Warden, Dominguez State Jail
Cary Cook Assistant Warden, Robertson Unit Assistant Warden, Byrd Unit
Christopher Carter Major, Lewis Unit Assistant Warden, Estelle Unit
Balden Polk Major, Skyview/Hodge units Assistant Warden, Hutchins State Jail
Maricia Jackson Major, Plane/Henley state jails Assistant Warden, Lychner State Jail
Jimmy Betcher Major, Middle Transfer Facility Assistant Warden, Robertson Unit


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