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Policies and Benefits

March/April 2018
Volume 25 Issue 4

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ERS Summer Enrollment for TDCJ employees begins June 25

This year's Employees Retirement System’s online Summer Enrollment runs from June 25 to July 7. Beginning June 25, TDCJ employees will be able to sign into their ERS online account or contact their HR representative to change their benefit elections. After July 7, employees have until July 27 to make enrollment changes through their Human Resources representative or by calling the Employees Retirement System at 1-877-275-4377. After making your elections, you will receive an email or letter verifying your Plan Year 2019 coverage.

With few exceptions, Summer Enrollment is the only time of the year when you can make changes to your benefits without a qualifying life event like the birth of a child, marriage or divorce. If you don't want to change any of your benefits, take no action and your current coverage will continue. Summer Enrollment changes that do not require evidence of insurability approval will go into effect September 1.

Before enrollment begins, you’ll receive your Personal Benefits Enrollment Statement indicating your current benefits, along with information about Plan Year 2019 benefits. As Summer Enrollment approaches, the ERS will provide updated information through their website.

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Call toll-free to report waste, fraud and abuse of TDCJ resources

Waste, fraud and abuse of state resources cost all taxpayers millions of dollars each year

The Office of the Inspector General is dedicated to detecting, investigating and prosecuting reports of waste, fraud and abuse of state resources within all divisions of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

If you have any information regarding waste, fraud or abuse of state benefits, equipment, personnel or funds, please contact the Office of the Inspector General, Crime Stoppers or the State Auditor’s Office toll free.

Stop Fraud - Waste - Abuse. Crime Stoppers 1-800-832-8477 Office of Inspector General 1-866-372-8329 State Auditor's Office 1-800-892-8348

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