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An employee publication of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

November 2020

Texans Caring For Texans

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice congratulates Officers Karl Parks and Kyle Davies at the Jordan and Roach Units and the field force staff of the Clements Unit who are recipients of the Texans Caring for Texans award.

These honorees receive this distinction for going above and beyond their call of duty as public servants by helping their local communities.

CO Karl Parks
CO Karl Parks

Officer Parks of the Jordan Unit is just one of the several honorees that exemplify what it means to serve your local community.

“Officer Parks consistently embodies the agency’s core values of courage, commitment, perseverance, and integrity,” Senior Warden Elbert Holmes said. “Officer Parks is respected by all staff and has never been seen losing his composure, even in the most difficult of times. Officer Parks is a model correctional officer, model citizen, and model person. Without individuals like Officer Parks our communities would suffer."

Officer Parks serves as a deacon at the Central Baptist Church in Pampa, Texas, and is involved in the church’s youth group. He also volunteers in the Snack Packs for Kids, which helps provide snacks and meals for underprivileged kids in his local community.

CO Kyle Davies
CO Kyle Davies

Officer Kyle Davies from the Roach Unit is another example. Officer Davies serves his local community as a volunteer for his local news team.

“Officer Davies volunteers his time while working with the news channel 7 of Amarillo, Texas, as a storm chaser and videographer to keep residents of the Texas Panhandle safe during severe weather season,” Sgt. Shelly Heard said. “Recently, he has been battling some trying medical issues but still continues to preserve and maintain his positive outlook on life.”

Lt. Sherry Washington at the Clements Unit saw these same characteristics in the field force staff comprised of Lt. Cipriano Garcia, Sgt. Gregory Boland, Officers Scotty Henderson, Manuel Frescas, Louis Detton, and James Smith.

Clements Unit field force staff
Clements Unit field force staff

“When COVID restrictions started affecting the area each one of these staff members put others before themselves. The field force do what Texas is proud of, they stepped up and provided transportation for staff that were assigned to work at other units and were brought to Amarillo to assist the Clements Unit,” Lt. Washington said.

“They made sack meals for the offenders and ensured they were delivered in a timely manner. The force covered positions and provided escorts and took transports that they didn’t have to do as they would normally have been off duty"

"They continued to support the unit as well as the Neal Unit, which is next to the Clements Unit. During this pandemic these staff members have never wavered from their job duties and took on so many other duties.”