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October 2020

TDCJ Opens First Female Infirmary

The first all-female infirmary unit in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is up and running!

In the making for several years, the Crain Unit in Gatesville opened its first female infirmary in TDCJ on July 10 of this year.

The infirmary, which can house up to 13 offenders, serves a portion of the population that needs more care than the average offender in the unit’s general population. A lot of the patients in the infirmary are oxygen-dependent, suffer from paralysis, or have other medical problems that prevent them from being able to complete their daily living activities.

Each day they are assessed by the nurses on shift and undergo blood pressure readings, breathing treatments, dressing changes, and are given antibiotics, as well as any other necessary medical treatments they may need.

Mary Minshew, the Nurse Manager at the infirmary, is proud of the collaborative effort that makes this a reality.

“I was excited to learn that we were getting an infirmary because it gives our nursing staff another level of care to give to our patient population, and coincides with our mission and our vision of providing the best care to this offender population,” Minshew said.

The Crain Unit infirmary is another role that TDCJ staff is taking on to ensure the offenders who need the most medical attention receives the best care possible.