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August 2019

State Employee Charitable Campaign begins September 1

 Texas’ State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) is one of the largest and most successful state employee fundraising events in the nation. Last year, TDCJ staff members donated more than $942,000 to their favorite charities. During its 25-year history, SECC contributors have donated more than $180 million to help improve the lives of the less fortunate.

As in every year, the SECC will begin on September 1 and run through October 31. Donations to the 2019 campaign can be made through payroll deductions, or by cash or check. Contributions can be directed to a wide variety of providers, ranging from small, local charities to well-known national and international aid organizations.

SECC-participating charities must meet strict legal requirements, be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and register with the Secretary of State. Annual audits make sure SECC charities spend no more than 25 percent of contributions on administrative costs, unless they qualify for an exception due to special circumstances. A list of SECC-participating charities can be found on the SECC website.

TDCJ’s SECC Co-coordinator Lydia Pool noted that the State Employee Charitable Campaign “gives the employees of the TDCJ an opportunity to show their generosity by supporting those in need.” Co-coordinator Stephanie Peterson anticipates another successful fundraiser, explaining that “Year after year, TDCJ employees exceed expectations and we are excited to predict more of the same for this campaign.”

The SECC is the only statutorily authorized workplace fundraising campaign for Texas state agency and higher education employees, and participation in the program is completely voluntary.

Visit the SECC website or the TDCJ fundraising web page to learn more about the SECC, the charities it represents and upcoming fundraising events.