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June 2019

Mendoza earns Dr. George J. Beto Hall of Honor Award

Texas Corrections Association President and TDCJ Parole Division Director Pamela Thielke presents the Dr. George J. Beto Hall of Honor Award to TDCJ Deputy Executive Director Oscar Mendoza at the 2019 TCA conference in Galveston.

In June, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Deputy Executive Director Oscar Mendoza was presented with the Texas Corrections Association’s Dr. George J. Beto Hall of Honor Award at their annual conference, held this year in Galveston. The TCA is dedicated to improving the field of professional corrections by promoting positive awareness and ethics, supporting education initiatives, and working to prevent crime. The Beto Award recognizes years of dedicated service to corrections, along with a history of successful leadership and support for the Association.

Deputy Director Mendoza began his TDCJ career in 1979 and will mark his fortieth year with the agency in July. Hired as a correctional officer, he promoted through the security ranks and spent more than 26 years in agency leadership roles, to include 16 years as a warden. Mendoza spent one year as a Correctional Institutions Division regional director, three years as a CID deputy director, and served as director of the Administrative Review and Risk Management and the Private Facility Contract Monitoring/Oversight divisions. In 2016, Mendoza became TDCJ’s Deputy Executive Director, where he helps oversee the agency’s daily operations.

Mendoza earned his Bachelor of Science in criminal justice in 2005 and graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Science in criminal justice in 2009 from Kaplan University. He is a member of the American Correctional Association and in 2014 was nominated for the ACA’s Best in the Business recognition. His years of service make him as one of the agency’s longest continuously employed staff members and, as a leader and mentor, Mendoza encourages others in their pursuit of professional excellence.

The Dr. George J. Beto Hall of Honor Award is named after a former director of the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC), precursor to the TDCJ. Considered one of the nation’s foremost criminal justice experts, Dr. Beto was a Lutheran minister and president of Concordia Lutheran College in Austin. First appointed to the Texas Prison Board in 1953, Beto became TDC director in 1961 and is the namesake of the Beto Unit in Tennessee Colony, as well as the Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University.

Prior members of the TCA’s Beto Hall of Honor include current TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier, who won the same award in 2013.