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Q: Does the parole panel look at support letters?
A: Support letters are placed in an offender's case file and are available to the parole panel during the parole review process.
Q: What kind of information do I include in a support letter and where do I send it?
A: Include information that demonstrates to the parole panel that an offender has a support system in place upon release. Letters may include information regarding employment/potential employment, residence, transportation, available treatment programs (as applicable), or other information the writer feels would be helpful to the parole panel in making their decision. Be sure to include the offender's name and TDCJ number. Send letters to: TDCJ - Parole Division, Attention: Correspondence, P.O. Box 13401, Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711.
Q: Will a large number of petitions and letters make more of a difference to the parole panel than just a few?
A: No, a few clear and concise letters stating the nature of support -- financial, vocational, residential, etc. -- are preferable to voluminous petitions and letters. It is not necessary to send a copy of the letter to each parole panel member. Letters are placed in the offender's file to be available to any reviewing parole panel member.
Q: Will the Board accept the certificates and course completion information I am sending them for consideration when they review my loved one for parole?
A: The Board will accept copies of certificates and course completion information; however an offender's program completions and certifications are already included in the interview/case summary the institutional parole officer submits to the Board for review.


Updated 02/13/2017

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