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Q: Can I attend the hearing in person? Where would the hearing be held and how long would it last?
A: The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles does not hold formal hearings for parole or mandatory release consideration. Parole panel members vote case files individually.
Q: Will I be notified of the date of a parole review? If so, when?
A: Unless you are registered with Victims Services as a victim of the offender, victim's family member, guardian of a victim, or concerned citizen, you will not be notified of an upcoming review date. You may contact the appropriate board office to send letters of support or to request an interview with a parole panel member. You may call the TDCJ Parole Division, Review & Release Processing Section, at (512) 406-5202 after BPP has voted the offender to be released for the release status.
Q: How do I arrange an interview with a parole panel member?
A: You may write or call the voting board office and request an interview with a voting parole panel member. Parole panel members, however, are not obligated to conduct interviews with any one except the victim, victim's family, or guardian of the victim.
Q: Does an interview with a parole panel member increase the chances for parole?
A: No. An interview merely provides the offender, their family and/or friends the opportunity to speak with a voting parole panel member before the parole panel reviews a case.
Q: Can I bring family members, friends, victim advocates with me to an interview?

A: The interviewing parole panel member decides the number of participants who may be present during an appointment. It is a good idea to ask the voting board office how many people will be permitted to participate in the interview.

Q: How does one find an offense severity rating for a particular offense?
A: See Current Offense Severity Rankings List.pdf


Updated 02/13/2017

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