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Records of Complaints

The Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles (Board) Ombudsman shall respond to complaints from the public concerning matters within the jurisdiction of the Board:

The Board Ombudsman shall not respond to complaints concerning individual parole determinations, clemency recommendations, prison units or parole supervision.
Complaints and inquiries may be submitted in writing to:

General Information Inquiries

The Board Ombudsman shall respond to inquiries for general information regarding the parole decision-making process; however, the Board Ombudsman does not have the authority to respond to legal inquires.
Offender parole review status inquires may be directed to:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Board and the Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ) are separate State agencies. TBCJ oversees the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), which provides confinement, supervision, rehabilitation, and reintegration of the State’s convicted felons.
The TBCJ Office of the Independent Ombudsman will respond to complaints and inquiries regarding non-criminal matters within TDCJ, including unit issues, parole plans, release process and parole supervision.
TDCJ questions and inquires may be sent to:

TBCJ’s webpage, frequently asked questions, and E-mail Contact Form are available at:

Updated 09/21/2023

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